A Letter to My Son

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Muhammed, you were named after the best example for mankind.  When your dad and I chose this name for you, there were people who told us we shouldn’t put it. That it may cause hardship for you, or that with such a name comes great responsibility. This is true, there may be moments that your name brings difficulty. In those moments we pray that you find strength in the story of the man you were named after, the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). There are examples of every kind of hardship in the story of his life: rejection, loss, loneliness, discrimination… Learn his story. Memorize it, find comfort and strength in it. May you embody his nature and be more and more like him.  Remember that even those who did not believe his message, declared him the most honest and upright in character. Your heart is gentle like his. From a very young age we used to call you the “humanitarian of the family”. You have always had a concern for others, a sincere love for the human race. I pray that as you grow older, you don’t lose that. That you always remember to work for the good of mankind. That you remember honesty and kindness win the hearts of the people. Embody those traits.

Try not to compare yourself to others. I know this is hard when so much about life feels like a competition. Know that at the end of the day you only answer to Allah, and to yourself. Did you do your best? Did you act with integrity? If you can say ‘yes’ to these things, then try not to worry about the other stuff. Success  takes time, friends come and go, we are not good at everything we do, failure is part of the process…

Never be afraid to show emotion. Crying does not make you “less of a man”.  Show love towards others, grieve in moments of sadness, communicate frustration and work towards a solution. Do not suppress your emotions and let them destroy you on the inside. Communication will be such an important part of your future, both in personal and business relationships. Talk about how you feel. Always remember that when others don’t listen, Allah always listens. Pour out your heart to your Lord….every day in all matters.

Islam is a gift. I pray that you cherish it. I pray that you understand that it brings a richness to our lives. Allah wants nothing but goodness for us. There are times when it may feel like you are missing out on something because of your faith. Know that whenever you leave something for the sake of Allah, He will give you something better. In times when you feel conflicted or confused in faith, go back and read the story of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW), and the Quran. Let these be your sources of guidance. The stories found within them are timeless.

I pray that you are given the shade of Allah on the Day of Judgment because you become one whose heart is tied to the masjid. I know that right now, it may feel the mosque is only a place for adults… or may even seem boring. Inshallah as a community we will change that. I pray that you will be a part of that change. That  you will help change the mosques into places of life and energy. That you help transform them into places where communities come together to learn and be in congregation with each other.  You have the ability to lead others, may it always be towards a noble cause.

Pray your prayers Muhammed. Allah tells us in the Adhan that by prayer you come to success. It is our connection to Allah. He will come close to us if we come close to Him. Never lose sight of that. If we want to be close to someone, we must spend time with them. Prayer is spending time with Allah. Never leave the prayer. It is just a few minutes a day, but it will change your life completely. “Come to prayer, come to success”…

My dear son. My only boy.  I know there are times you feel alone and outnumbered by your sisters. Times that you wished you had a brother. Know that I wouldn’t change anything. I mean it when I say that I cherish that you are my only boy. I cherish the special bond that we have. When you were young you used to tell me that you would live at home forever. May you always feel like our home is your safe haven.

I want you to always remember how much I love you. When you feel alone and sad, nobody loves you more than me. That love will never change. But greater than my love, is the love of Allah.

Make dua for me. Know that I make dua for you. Forgive me for my shortcomings Muhammed.


-your mom.


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Wow…such a strong letter not only to Muhammed but to all younger muslim boys…~


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