“Our Week of Dhikr : Women’s Menses”

As a Christian I was raised in a fairly conservative church, (as far as protestant Christian churches go). Nothing like the evangelical churches that are often featured on TV these days. There was no full band, lights, dancing and certainly no speaking in tongues and public displays of faith. The

May 14th Muslima

On May 14th I will have been Muslim for 14 years. How fast that time has passed.  Every May 14th I always experience a similar emotion. I struggle with an enormous sense of guilt and sadness. I reflect on the year, and ask myself, “What did you do for Allah

How Corona Struck Me.

The last couple of weeks have been unusual and unsettling to say the least. I believe I am not alone when I say it has been challenging to know how and what to feel.  I know for myself it began when I saw the photo of the Kabbah, empty. A

Letter to My Younger Self.

There are so many things that I wish you had known. It would have saved so much frustration and pain, likewise there would have been fewer people hurt along the way. That being said, the struggles you face will shape you and your future.  Sometimes we need to go through

A Letter to My Son

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Muhammed, you were named after the best example for mankind.  When your dad and I chose this name for you, there were people who told us we shouldn’t put it. That it may cause hardship for you, or that with such a name comes great responsibility.

A Letter to My Daughters

بسم الله ألرحمن ألرحيم  To my daughters: My dear daughters, I am so blessed that Allah chose me to be your mother. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat fast. Of all the people in the world, He chose you all, to be with me. I have no doubt that His

The Matchbox

When I first became Muslim, I was very protective of my new ‘sinlessness’. My past had been erased by the acceptance of Islam, and I was hyper-aware that sins would taint that gift. I very clearly remember one of the very first meals I ate as a Muslim. I made


About a year after I became Muslim, one of my best friends had come to visit me. We had become very close in university, and I hadn’t seen her since I moved to a different city. We sat down for breakfast at a local cafe, selecting our favourite items from

Wasat (Türkçe)

Öyle bir dönemdeyiz ki, yaşantımızı başkalarının sosyal kabulleri üzerine kuruyor ve aldığımız “like”ları gayretlerimizin karşılığı olarak görüyoruz. Peki başkaları ve “like”ları olmayıp, kendi başımıza kaldığımızda ne olur? Bizi onaylayacak bir kitle olmadığında, zor bir şeyi yapmamızı sağlayacak motivasyonu kendimizde bulabilir miyiz? Allah ile olan ilişkimiz, bizi zor olacak bir işi

Thrown a lifeline.

I’m often asked what it was that made me become Muslim. That “one thing” that really convinced me that Islam was truth. Honestly there were many incidents and thought provoking conversations, incredible people and answered supplications. The one thing that does stick out in my mind as a proof that